MA Midterms Overview

October 2018 (Volume 69, Issue 1)

By Brian Perlman, Staff Writer

Italics = Incumbent

Governor (with Deputy Governor): Gov Charles Baker & Karyn Polito (R) vs Jay Gonzalez & Quentin Palfrey (D)

As he finishes his first term, Governor Charlie Baker is able to boast four fruitful years in office. Baker, a Traditional Moderate Conservative who sells his ability to work across the aisle, has gained national attention for rebellious actions & quarrels against President Trump, helping strengthen his massive popularity; critics claim however that these theatrical stunts are part of Baker’s effort to appease the majority liberal voter base, while not having to actually follow through on these rebellious moves. One of those critics, his challenger Jay Gonzalez, paints himself as a progressive alternative to Baker. The Finance Secretary under Governor Deval Patrick, Gonzalez backs single-payer health care systems, & wants the state to heavily confront climate change. Gonzalez has blamed Baker for major problems in the state like the failing & outdated MBTA system. Both candidates have close ties to Needham: Governor Baker is a NHS grad, & the Gonzalez family currently resides in Needham.

US Senate Seat for MA: Sen Elizabeth Warren (D) vs Geoff Diehl (R)

In her first 6 years in the Senate, the former Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren has made her name as the future of the Progressive Left Movement as Senator Sanders inches towards retirement. Warren shares many views with Sanders, such as a push toward Universal Health Care & free College, and the regulation of Wall Street, though on many of these issues she doesn’t support going as far as Sanders wants to. Her bulldog ferociousness when fighting for Economic Equality and attacking Wall Street executives has caused her to skyrocket into the national scene, with many seeing her a frontrunner to face Trump in 2020. That matchup would be the conclusion of a long time feud between the two. However, Warren has been criticized not only for her Native American Scandal (Warren tried to claim Native American Ancestry in an Application, which lacked any evidence) from decades before, but also for being a radical, who often focuses more on her career than helping her local constituents. That opens up a chance for State Representative Geoff Diehl to pull off a upset. Representative Diehl, who represented Plymouth in the house, is a generally standard modern GOP lawmaker: he’s pro-NRA, anti-big Government, and a strong Trump supporter (he was even Trump’s co-campaign chair in Massachusetts). Diehl has attacked Warren’s economic policies as too anti-free market, and has used her firebrand attitude to label her as overly divisive. During the primaries, he was criticized for needlessly pushing through pay raises for his closer colleagues, and claims that his support for Trump does not properly represent the state’s left leaning electorate.

MA 4th Congressional District: Rep Joseph Kennedy III (D) [Unopposed]

Norfolk, Bristol, & Middlesex District for MA State Senate: Richard Ross (R) vs Rebecca Rausch (D)

State Senator Richard Ross attempts to win another term in the State Senate. Representing the district since 2010, after sending 5 years in the State House. The 64 year old Wrentham resident is a strong conservative. His opponent, Needham Lawyer Becca Rausch, looks to be a liberal representative for the liberal district. Her limited experience includes her decades of work as a lawyer and as an elected member of the Needham Town Meetings. If elected, Rausch plans to push for improvements in education, transportation, and education, along with making the State government more transparent to the public for the sake of accountability. She was able to win the Democratic primary by raising $50,000 in funds, along with tireless local campaigning across the district.

13th Norfolk District for MA State House: Denise Garlick (D) [Unopposed]



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