NHS Math Team Holds Calculator Education Sessions

June 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 5)

By Ethan Lee, Editor-in-Chief


On Wednesday, May 23, the Needham High School Math Team visited Pollard Middle School in order to conduct calculator education sessions on TI-84 graphing calculators. The event was funded by a Needham Education Foundation grant, and was a continuation of the Math Team’s three calculator education sessions at the high school, which took place iMarch. The Math Team’s efforts paid off, as the event was a resounding success–over thirty middle school students attended the event, and learned about the numerous functions of their calculators.

The team covered many topics, including basic mathematical functions, calculator shortcuts like GCD and LCM, graph analyses with one and two graphs, and simple programs. Notably, the Pollard students attending the event were initially exposed to calculator basics, such as identifying the locations of certain buttons on their calculators, but all students eventually were able to practice analyzing different types of functions by the end of the session. Each participating student received handouts for further information on their TI-84 calculators.

The Pollard education session was organized by team captains Ethan Lee and Matt Culver in order to adhere to the Math Team’s mission statement of spreading 

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.30.30 PM.pngmathematical knowledge to the broader Needham community. As TI-84 graphing calculators become very widely used once middle school students transition to high school, the Math Team intended to make this an easier change for Pollard students. The Team intends to continue these events in the future, and are excited to see what the future holds for them. For more information, contact the Math Team by emailing needhamhighmathteam@gmail.com.


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