Time’s Up, and How It’s Affecting Needham High

April 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 4)

By Emma Patz, Entertainment Editor

Over the past few months, the “Me Too/Time’s Up” movement has dominated the conversation in Hollywood. This movement originated with “#metoo”, where thousands of men and women used this hashtag on twitter and other social media platforms to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault. From this developed the “Time’s Up” movement and legal defense fund, where leaders in Hollywood and other industries called “time’s up” on sexual harassment and assault, and started a fund to provide legal defense for people who have experienced harassment in the workplace. Although this movement seems far removed from Needham, according to Stephanie Berger, leader of the Gender Equality Club, it actually has had a profound effect on the atmosphere at Needham High. Berger explains, “I think these movements have brought gender equality to the forefront of more people’s minds, and that is a step of progress.” Jackson Schwartz, another leader of the Gender Equality Club, adds on to to this statement, arguing, “the first step to solving any problem is awareness”. Berger reflected that “Now, we need to open up dialogue and continue working to change the culture and fix the problems, like the high prevalence of sexual harassment and assault that has created an environment where many women (and people of all gender) feel unsafe.” This topic is difficult to discuss, often being referred to as “taboo” or “uncomfortable.” However, as Berger stated, it is a dialogue that needs to occur at NHS to create environment that is comfortable and safe for every student.  


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