New Year, New Website

April 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 4)

By Makenna Crackower, Features Editor

As we roll into the second half of the school year, Needham High School students might have noticed that the website most of us use to find lunch menus, teacher websites, and athletic information has been completely redesigned. The school has had this in mind for a few years now, and has recently switched to a new server. “When we used the older system,” says Ms. Bookston, Needham High’s resident Webmaster, “which we’ve had for ten to fifteen years, we knew the server was going to crash any day.” The new website features an embedded calendar, a updated view of different high school twitter feeds, and updated photos of students at work. The little dome icon at the top left hand corner of the webpage was student designed. The website is much easier to navigate and has a cleaner, more modern look. “The new website is a lot cooler than the old one,” says Emma Garber, a senior. For those that have suggestions for how to improve the website, there is a google form available on the “About NHS” under the “Our School Page”, under “Contact the HS Webmaster.”


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