Club Feature: Environmental Club

April 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 4)

By Josh Cohen, Staff Writer

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30, the Environmental Club meets in the DaVinci Lab to continue work on educating the community on environmental awareness and help improve the environment. The club has been busy recently, engaging in a few different projects. “We have helped create a solar panel phone charging station that is in use at the high school. The solar panel is atop the school and the station is located by the vending machine, and there are outlets and everyone is welcome to use them. In addition, we are currently working on bringing a composting program to the high school,” says president Conner Jahn.

The club has also picked up the Needham plastic bag ban, which is being voted on soon, and has gained support throughout the school and town.“It’s not just a great initiative, but it’s a lot of fun, too.” says member Spenser Goff. “If anyone is interested in joining, they can reach out to me or come to one of our meetings in the Davinci Lab in the 100s at 7:30 every Tuesday morning!” says Jahn.


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