Senior Spotlight: Julia Owen

January 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 3)

By Emma Patz, Entertainment Editor

Around this time of year, many high school seniors are either busy applying to colleges, or beginning to hear back from schools. At Needham High School, most students solely apply to four-year traditional academic universities, instead of going straight to work, the military, or attending vocational schools, or art schools- options that are common for seniors throughout the country. Furthermore, those who do take these semi-nontraditional paths at Needham High are in the minority. One of these students is a senior named Julia Owen, who is applying to colleges for art. She decided that wanted to pursue a career as an artist going into her junior year of high school, when she “started making things that were really (her) own style”. One assumes that it would have been a shock to Owen’s family and friends when she decided to pursue this path, however, she refutes this idea, explaining, “My mom is a professional illustrator, so she was all for it. So were my art teachers and my friends seemed pretty interested that I was doing something kinda out of the norm. Overall, it was really positive feedback. I’m lucky to have such a supportive community, I know many other people going off into the art world don’t have that”. Like most aspiring artists, Owen has heard the common phrases, “good luck making any money”, and, “oh you better marry rich”, however, she remarks that she “never minded these remarks”, and “would laugh them off”.  Furthermore, Owen argues that “we live in an increasingly visual world, so right now is the best time to pursue a career in art”. For those students who are considering straying from the norm, Julia Owen is a prime example of one who is successfully doing so.


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