Interview: Student Athlete Jessie Kohl

January 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 3)

By Corey Jacobson, Features Editor

The college application process is underway for the Class of 2018, and although the majority of the school’s seniors are applying to schools through a similar method, a select few are applying as recruited athletes. Jessica Kohl, a student who will attend University of Michigan next fall, is one of these athletes getting recruited for Crew. To get more information about her recruitment process, I sat down with her for an interview.

Q: Why did you join Crew?
A: One of my family friends recommended me because I couldn’t find a sport that I loved. I did a learn to row day at the boathouse where my team was.

Q: How long have you done it?

A: I started sophomore year, and I attended a “learn to row” event the summer before my sophomore year. I did the novice team that fall, and moved up to the varsity team that winter.

Q: Can you describe the recruitment process?

A: It started in November of my junior year, and my coach was in contact with some college coaches. I also filled out recruiting questionnaires of different colleges I was interested in, and a bunch of coaches contacted me from them. I carried on the conversations between the schools I was interested in.

Q: What difficulties did you encounter when trying to get recruited?

A: The biggest difficulty was getting pretty fast quickly. Strength and speed are crucial in rowing, and your time on erg tests are the only real indicator of individual power. Because I started later, I didn’t have much time to develop before the recruiting process began, so it took a lot of hard work to improve quickly.

Q: Why University of Michigan in particular?

A: I liked the emphasis that they put on academics and athletics, as well as the opportunities and resources that the school provides. I also loved the people and team there.

Q: Do you want to pursue Crew professionally?

A: I have yet to decide, though I intend to continue working hard in both academics and Crew in college.

Jessica Kohl’s passion for Crew as well as her hard work inside and outside the classroom has influenced a rewarding and fulfilling high school experience. We wish her the best of luck for her future endeavors in college.


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