Feature: NHS Quiz Bowl

January 2018 (Volume 68, Issue 3)

By Sarah Badawi and Jackson Goodman

The Quiz Bowl Team is a fun, entertaining club led by both Mr. Brooke and Mr. Walker, history teachers at Needham High. Quiz Bowl is very much like a game show, where the students compete against other schools. During Quiz Bowl meetings, “mock tournaments” are held to help students prepare to go against other schools. Quiz Bowl tests a wide variety of trivia, from mythology to math. Due to this, some students specialize in certain topics, including math, literature, music and much more.

Roger Ramesh, Ben Shapiro, Seth Lockwood, and Daniel Borowsky were asked about why they joined. All four “Quiz Bowl-ers” enjoy trivia and enjoy being around people who had similar interests. When asked about their favorite part of Quiz Bowl, they all explained their passions for participating in Quiz Bowl and getting the answers to trivia correct.

All four students would recommend Quiz Bowl to others, saying that many students who joined the club found it a great way to make new friends. This club doesn’t only help the students make friends, but also helps them in the long term. Learning vast amounts of trivia allows people to develop their memories, which can help them in day to day life and in school. Being on Quiz Bowl also helps the students learn new things and apply their knowledge elsewhere.

This year, the Quiz Bowl has received the opportunity to go on live television. Ramesh said that the team was excited to be on television, and are relishing the chance to demonstrate their skills to a wide audience. This is the ninth season of Quiz Bowl, and Needham High School has been doing very well throughout the last few years. Overall, Quiz Bowl is a great place to make friends, learn, and prepare for the future. Students have the opportunity to find others with similar hobbies while learning more about a certain topic of interest. Good luck to the NHS Quiz Bowl Team this year!


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