Winter Musical Preview: The Secret Garden

November 2017 (Volume 68, Issue 2)

By Makenna Crackower, Features Editor

With SAMD’s Grease over, it is time to move on to this year’s winter musical, which is set to be The Secret Garden. Mr. LeDoux (director), Mr. Vanderwoude (music director), and Ms. Perlmutter (choreographer), collectively decided that this musical was the right choice, after last year’s Pirates of Penzance and 2016’s Cinderella. Secret Garden distances itself from the other musicals because it is not a comedy, although it does have plenty of funny moments. It is a stage adaption of the novel by the same name, whose heroine is a little girl orphaned by the cholera epidemic, who discovers her uncle’s abandoned garden and the secrets it holds. “This show will be more challenging than shows like Grease because it’s not well-known,” says Mr. LeDoux, “but I think students will find it really rewarding to learn a new show, especially one like this that has so much depth.” While this musical has more serious themes, the show will involve the participation of elementary school students. The show will be performed prior to the official opening night for the students of Newman Elementary school, where the musicals are held each year. Also, while the protagonist will be played by a high school student, a few elementary school students may be cast in the show; something that hasn’t been done by the high school since the production of Les Misérables. Auditions for The Secret Garden will be the week after winter break.


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