Pros/Cons of Watching Movies and Videos in Class

November 2017 (Volume 68, Issue 2)

By Emma Patz, Entertainment Editor

The words “We are watching a movie/video today in class today” typically incites excitement in most students. They figure that the class period will act as a break from other strenuous classes- a free period of sorts. However, it may be surprising to those students that there are actual benefits to watching videos in class. Mr. Walker, a history teacher at Needham High School describes his reasoning behind the movies he shows, explaining, “It helps students visualize and internalize what they might not be able to, and helps them form an emotional connection to the material they they may not be able to get through words”. Walker’s statement proves accurate, as many students emerge from his class with a different, or more informed, perspective on historical events after both listening to his lessons, and watching videos.

Some argue it is even more critical to watch films in language classes. Profe Eagan, a Spanish teacher at Needham High School reflects this sentiment. She states, [movies/videos] are really good for language classes because it’s visual and auditory. There are also different types of learners- some learn better from a video than from a piece of paper”.

Although the pros of watching media in class seem numerous, there are some negatives. Films could cause students to lose focus, or the actual movie could take up too many classes, and disrupt other lessons. However, with careful planning, many of these issues may be avoided. So, the next time your teacher announces that there will be a film/video shown in class, remember that there is more purpose than to provide you with a ‘break’. Who knows- you may even learn something that you wouldn’t have otherwise.


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