Needham Wrestling Season Preview

November 2017 (Voume 68, Issue 2)

By Josh Cohen, Staff Writer

Needham High School’s athletic department is home to many teams and clubs, and every year, many gain little recognition, much less than they deserve. One such teams is the wrestling team, which happens to be one of the better teams in the state. In order to find out more about this underappreciated team, I spoke to two juniors on the wrestling team with very different experiences with wrestling, Jon Bolivar, who has been wrestling for years, and Joe Woodnorth, wrestling on the team for the first time this year.

Jon has been on the wrestling team since his freshman year, and will be wrestling again for this season, but Joe has ran indoor track for the past two years. However, this isn’t Joe’s first experience with wrestling, he has actually wrestled in the past.

For both Jon and Joe, preseason has been intense. Jon says that “preseason is a tough workout, but it’s a good one. It takes really long though,”. Joe had the same opinion as Jon, as the two often train together.

Historically, Wellesley has been an important rival to the wrestling team, like almost every other Needham team. However, when asked who will pose the biggest challenge this year, Jon responded with “Natick, by far. They were the fourth best in the state last season,”.

The 2017-2018 season starts after Thanksgiving and goes until mid February, and hopefully, the team doesn’t just beat Wellesley, but Natick and the rest of the state as well.


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