Profile: Mr. Cole

October 2017 (Volume 68, Issue 1)

By Matt Powers, Sports Editor

In addition to teaching Pre-Calculus, Personal Finance, and AP Computer Science Principles, Mr. Cole coaches both the Golf Team, and the Boys Swimming Team. He acknowledges that the stress from handling work and coaching two sports can be overwhelming, but he stated, “The pros far outweigh the cons, and I would never give it up. While it is overwhelming at times, it is only this way for a short amount of time.” Nevertheless, he does face some challenges; he explained, “The most stressful part is balancing all my commitments, to my students, my athletes, and my family. I want to be the best teacher, coach, husband, and father that I can be, but there are limitations on time.” Despite the difficulty of balancing his work, Mr. Cole always sees the bright side of coaching: “The benefits of coaching two sports are the same as coaching one sport, being able to see students in a different atmosphere, and helping them improve in something we share a passion for. However, the fact that I coach two different sports means I can get to know more students.” Mr. Cole’s favorite part of coaching is “seeing athletes be successful and finding happiness in the sport, whether that be getting a new best time in swimming, or getting a low score in golf.” Mr. Cole noted that another great part of coaching is witnessing the development of an athlete from his/her freshman to senior year. For Mr. Cole, balancing work and coaching duties can be hard at times, but seeing his athletes happy and successful while competing in golf and swimming far outweighs the stress that comes with coaching two teams.


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