NHS Must Step Up for Hurricane relief

October 2017 (Volume 68, Issue 1)

By Clara Goldberg, Staff Writer

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose; all have caused mass destruction of communities across the the south, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. The end of the storms have even reached as far as Needham, bringing heavy rainfall but not nearly as much chaos as the south has endured. States like Texas have been in a state of emergency since August, while Florida more recently declared a state of emergency on September 4th. Thousands around the country have been collecting donations of clothing, money, and other resources to send to victims who have lost their homes. Some have even felt the moral responsibility to travel down to the affected areas and help physically rebuild communities. But what has Needham High School and the greater town of Needham done to help?

Currently, there are no Needham High School projects in progress, or coming up, to raise money or collect resources for hurricane victims. In the town of Needham, local businesses, such as Hearth Pizzeria, have put together donation boxes, and will be sending their collection to hurricane victims. Other high schools, such as those in the Boston Public Schools, have set up collection bins for students and other community members to drop off needed items that will then be sent to families in need. Needham High School can follow in these organization’s direction. Little actions like setting up bins in the main lobby or holding bake sales that will donate proceeds to recent Hurricane victims, can go a long way in helping Needham High do their part in disaster relief.


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