Saying 再见(Zài Jiàn) to Wang Lao Shi

May 2017 (Volume 67, Issue 3)

By Makenna Crackower, Staff Writer

2017 will be Ms. Wang’s, or as the Mandarin students call her, Wang Lao Shi’s, final year at Needham High School. While Needham High School has become her second home, she has decided to start spending more time with her family and visiting her parents in Taiwan. She hopes that in the coming years her former students will come and visit her, and she encourages them to continue studying Mandarin in college. While we are all upset to see her go, let us reflect on Wang Lao Shi’s contributions to the Needham Community.

Wang Lao Shi has been teaching in Needham for seventeen years. For the first two, she was a French teacher at Pollard Middle School. When the high school decided to institute a Mandarin language program, she was asked to teach a couple of classes. A couple of classes turned into a full time job as the program gained popularity, leading to her full-time transfer from Pollard to the high school. She currently teaches five Mandarin classes, is the advisor for Mandarin Club, runs Mandarin Honors Society, the annual Chinese New Year Celebration, and the biannual Mandarin class China trips to Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. She comes to school early every morning, and stays until six o’clock most nights. She has dedicated much of her time and effort into cultivating a fun classroom atmosphere while also teaching efficiently and building an immersive program for students to learn about Chinese language and culture. She is always there for students before and after school, and has developed a rare kind of friendship with the kids she teaches. Many Mandarin students agree that she is one of the best teachers at the high school, and we will miss her very much; the Mandarin program won’t be the same without her. Therefore we’d like to say:

谢谢您, 我们祝你好运! Thank you, and we wish you good luck!


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