New Math System Provides New Options

May 2017 (Volume 67, Issue 3)

By Corey Jacobson, Staff Writer

In terms of leveled classes at the high school, math has always been confusing; however, next year’s system should be even more so. In previous years, rising freshmen had four options for math classes: Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra 2 Standard, Algebra 2 Honors, or Algebra 2 Accelerated. Now, however, two revisions to the school’s math system for freshmen will be made. This is due to the additional higher level of math at Pollard, Pathway 1, which teaches a similar curriculum to that of Algebra 2 Accelerated. Thus, when freshmen enter the high school starting next year, they will have 5 options for math: Algebra 1 Honors, Algebra 2 Standard, Algebra 2 Honors, Algebra 2 Accelerated, and Geometry Accelerated.

The new Geometry Accelerated option for freshmen who took the new higher level math at Pollard will see a rise in interaction between freshmen and sophomores in math classes, whether either of the classes like it or not. However, if incoming freshmen feel uncomfortable interacting with sophomores in their classes and would like to go further in depth with algebra than their middle school experiences, they will still have the option of Algebra 2 Accelerated, which will take the advanced Pollard math curriculum expand upon its ideas.


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