Worth Watching: Father Joseph

December 2016/January 2017 (Volume 67, Issue 2)

By Emma Patz, Entertainment Editor

Father-joseph-poster1-663x1024.jpgA bright light in the darkness of the small, poverty stricken country of Haiti goes by the name of Father Joseph. He is a priest living in a small village in the mountains of Haiti. He has gone above and beyond to help his nation, create a national bank, a college, a school for children, as well as help build shelter for those without. Jeff Kaufman, an American filmmaker, joined with producer Marcia Ross to create a documentary about this hero of a man. By shooting footage deep in Haiti beyond the coverage of news outlets, the team achieved truly magnificent results.

“It’s an incredible thing to be in the mountains of Haiti and see children in uniforms walking hours to attend school”, stated director Jeff Kaufman during a Q and A panel in Boston last month. “The dedication to learn is huge”.

Producer Marcia Ross evaluated the “movie making” aspect of the documentary during the same panel, explaining “It’s important to make sure you get the points across, but you also have to create a character you care about, just like a narrative film”.

“One of the main theme lines is this man’s faith” she continues to describe. “It made the character real for people”.

The documentary has received raving reviews from multiple publications, including Haiti Innovation. Father Joseph is now available to stream on Netflix.


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