Don’t Even Try to Look for Hamilton Tickets…

October 2016 (Volume 67, Issue 1)

by Emma Patz, Staff Writer

“Hamilton the Musical” has surged in popularity this past year, becoming one of the most popular shows on Broadway. Tickets are frequently sought after, and they are almost impossible to come by. Sophomore Audrey Mock saw Hamilton a couple of months ago. “My family bought the tickets about seven months in advance online in order to get them at a reasonable price,” Mock recalls. She goes on to recommend it to people who consider attending; “It’s funny at parts, sad at parts, and there are so many amazing songs. I think someone who isn’t interested in theater and/or history would really enjoy it.” Although it sounds like the seven month wait was worthwhile, Sophomore Kate Gutilla got her tickets in a rather unorthodox but quicker way: by winning them at a daily lottery. “Winning tickets for the play was incredibly lucky. Thousands of people enter the ‘Hamilton’ lottery and only two win. Outside the theater, a large group next to us said that they had been waiting in front of the theater for three days straight just for one small chance of getting an extra ticket. I can see why, though: the play was absolutely amazing!”



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