With College Admissions Out, Hard Choices Remain

by Margie Cullen

May 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 4)

With all college acceptances or rejections out April 1st, some seniors at Needham High School are now left with the difficult situation of choosing between a few places that they originally didn’t want to go to. This is precisely the case for one senior: “I didn’t get in anywhere I really wanted to go. I don’t want to stay in Boston, but that seems to be my best option right now.” And she’s not the only one with unfavorable college results. Many people have been left with only their last choice or safety school. This also causes tension between friends; one might get into the school while the other, with very similar grades and activities, does not. “I’m happy for my friend, but of course I’m going to be a little upset. College is a shot in the dark, but I deserved to get in as much as they did,” said one student, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid further tension. As all students have to decide by May 1st–the date by which deposits are made to hold slots in the freshman class–pressure is placed on those who do not like any of their options. However, students often end up liking the school no matter if it was their first choice or last.  If not, there is always the option of transferring.



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