Students Brace for Looming AP Tests

by Henry Keegan

May 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 4)

From May 2nd to May 6th some of the smartest and most advanced students in the country will be taking the infamous AP tests, and as some NHS students are planning to take several of the comprehensive exams, preparation schedules can be intense.

Junior Grishka Barboy takes five AP classes that consist of AP U.S. History, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Language, and AP Computer Science. For the past two weeks Barboy has been studying rigorously at least five hours a night, one hour per subject. He said, “I have been going to bed around 11:30 or 12:00 every night, which isn’t particularly healthy.” He said that he has been doing open response questions, working with flashcards, and is in three study groups that meet three times a week.

With that study schedule in mind, one question that comes up is should students be limited to how many AP classes\tests they can take. With all of the classes and tests, students barely have time to have fun or take a break. “I think that it should be up to the students,” said Barboy. “If I want to do five classes, then I should be able to.”

One solution that has been presented is to have students limit which classes they take the exams in. Students would fill out a form about three months before the tests begin, identifying the three tests that they would like to take, and they would only take those. This would drastically change the time that students would have to study, and would give them more time to relax.



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