Rising NHS Student Population to Impact on Junior Schedules

By Eleanor Haney and Jacklyn Sun

May 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 4)

By now, Needham High School students are well aware of the school’s overcrowding problem with the influx of the larger grades each year, the effects of which have been most noticeable in the cafeteria and in proctored study classrooms. At the start of the 2015 school year, the administration established several proctored study periods in the auditorium. This decision annoyed freshmen and sophomores, who felt the space was uncomfortable and unfit for a study.

What Needham students are largely unaware of, however, is that more impactful decisions have already been made concerning their schedules in the year to come. As a result of the massive population of rising freshmen and sophomores, the school finds itself unable to accommodate both large grades in the same physical education and study semesters. If the school were to continue with the same schedule, the administration would be required to double the number of study proctors and study halls. As a solution, the administration has decided to give freshmen and juniors first semester studies and second semester P.E., while giving sophomores and seniors second semester studies.

The reasoning behind this choice, according to assistant principal Mr. Cole, is that “The seniors would have a shortened gym semester [due to the fact that they finish classes a month before other students], so they would lose curriculum, but that wouldn’t be the case for juniors.” The administration also made it clear that the Guidance Department is aware of the impacts the change will have on juniors. Nevertheless, this brings to question the negative effects that this change will have on rising juniors’ most stressful and important year of their high school career.

See related editorial for further debate: https://thenhshilltopper.wordpress.com/2016/05/23/study-switch-not-a-good-solution/



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