Harper Lee Wins Library March Madness Buzzer Beater

by Emma Patz and Aisha Tipnis

May 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 4)

On April 4th, the Villanova Wildcats beat UNC’s Tar Heels at the buzzer in the championship game of a tournament colloquially called March Madness. A lesser known, but just as fierce, March Madness competition went on at Needham High School as well. In NHS’s very own library, a literary version of March Madness took place. The brackets, instead of being filled up by basketball teams, were filled by novels.

Students and faculty were encouraged to vote for novels they enjoyed, filling up placeholders as if they were college teams. An open voting session took place, and the sixteen top rated books were chosen. Thus, “March Madness” began.

Anyone was welcome to vote either online by a mobile device, or enter paper ballots placed into a raffle. At the end of each week, three names of students were pulled at random to win a prize.

After four weeks of intense polling, similar to the intense college basketball matches, To Kill A Mockingbird came out triumphant.  

According to Mrs. Rowse, head media specialist of NHS’s library, students have become more involved in the library. Throughout the competition, she has noticed more students coming into the library and getting involved. Using the game of March Madness has connected students to books in a fun, organic way.  

We’ll see if To Kill a Mockingbird will reclaim its title as champion next March, or if it will be beat out by another contender. Unlike in basketball March Madness, you can decide who will prevail. Ultimately, it is you, the students, who will choose.



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