Overcrowded Caf to be Built Out Over the Summer

by Brian Perlman

April 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 3)

Those who have eaten in the cafeteria this year know that there is just not enough space to fit the large number of kids this year. Students are often crammed in the overcapacity room. This is even more true during the winter, when many upperclassmen don’t take advantage of open campus during lunch due to the cold. That’s why the school will be expanding the cafeteria over the summer, to accommodate 200 more students during each lunch period.

Veteran maintenance man Mr. Driscoll thinks that this project is very important for the school. “Kids often have to sit in chairs at the end of tables, which blocks many pathways and causes a lot more messes. That makes our jobs more difficult. Kids shouldn’t have to be crammed like that.”

Interim Principal Dr. Barnes, who has been involved in the process, is very excited for the results. “I think it’s going to be a much more comfortable place to have lunch,” he said.

The project will begin in the late spring, and demolition will begin the day we leave school. The expansion will extend the caf out through the large windows into what is currently the outdoor seating. The project is planned to be finished by the beginning of the next school year. If there is any work needed on the expansion during the start of the next school year, it will not affect the rest of the cafeteria.

The expansion area will have a partition, allowing the space to be multi-use. The plan currently involves the addition of another checkout line to speed up the lunch buying process.

The project has a $2.1 million price tag, which was approved by the town last fall. It had little opposition, getting nearly unanimous support. Dr. Barnes added, “Everyone in town who understands how many kids we have here has fully supported this project.”


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