NHS Removes All Food From School

by Danny Blumenstein and Sonny Joe Greiff

April 2016 (Volume 66, Issue 3)

   Starting this month, Needham High is putting a ban on all food inside the building due to too many allergies. This means no food in classrooms, in the halls, in the gym, even in the cafeteria. The school realized a ban had be an imposed when there was a severe reaction to a slice of dry toast last week in the cafeteria. “I was scared,” said a bystander. “He [sophomore Jeremy Glick] wasn’t swelling up or anything, but he looked annoyed and maybe a little tired.” Luckily, another student realized something was wrong and was able to save the victim with an EpiPen, stabbing Glick in the thigh, despite the sophomore’s protests. Despite Glick’s quick recovery, the administration doesn’t want any more close calls.

   Teachers have realized that students won’t be able to get through all five classes without food and still be able to stay attentive and engaged. “We want them to be at their best and able to learn,” said English teacher Mr. Kopcso. As a result, students will now have one 120-minute period to go home and eat. Upperclassmen will still be able to go out and have open campus, but freshmen and sophomores will either have to go home or to a friend’s house for lunch. The school feels that this will get rid of the risk of an allergic reaction on school grounds and at home students won’t be exposed to their allergen. Despite the loss of two hours of classtime in the middle of the day, the administration feels it’s the best way to keep everybody safe and still able to learn effectively, at least during the meagre amount of time remaining for learning. NHS will now have a better and safer learning environment than before.


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